How List Rented SFR for sale with no showings?

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I have two SFR residences I would like to sell. Both are rented and in top condition. I want to list them for sale on the MLS, but real estate agents refuse to list them because I don't want showings. The last time I listed a property, I had a stream of lookers who dirtied up the house, used and dirtied the bathroom and agents left it unlocked and doors open many times. Police were called. On the few times I was present lookers asked absurd insulting questions. I want to show the house, AFTER there is an offer, an email or verbal is fine. I don't want folks looking for decorating ideas, the competition or a place to pee. Tell me where and how to do this, please.

@Jay Young That's an unrealistic expectation. How many people do you expect will make an offer without seeing the property? Every selling thinks their house is in perfect shape. So telling them "trust me it's in great shape" is not going to fly.