Lead based paint inspection waiver?

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On the contract for a fixer duplex I am looking to purchase it looks like they pre-selected that I waive my opportunity for inspection of lead-based paint. Given the year it was built it seems like there is a reasonable probably that there may be some lead based paint. That being said, is it a real estate strategy to mark that box so buyers can't withdraw offer upon discovery of lead based paint upon inspection?

@Thuy Pham-Satrappe , if when you say 'they' you mean the seller, then no, that may not be done.  That is a buyer's decision.

Elsewhere on the contract, it should stipulate the process for resolution of a dispute or need for repairs, etc.  

Just FYI, a property built before 1978 must have a seller disclosure re lead-based paint included in the contract of sale.  The fact that may have lead-based paint does not mean it must be removed.  If it is in decent shape, it may simply be painted over with a proper primer and top coat.  

Once you test for lead, you will be mandated to disclose the results of that test, including to any tenants or future buyer of the property.