After Repair Value of a property

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What is the best way to come to an after repair value of a home? Should you have a professional take a look at it and then give you an estimate? Should you have it inspected and then ask a contractor ? Can someone give me the fill on going from finding a house that seems like it has potential to figuring out the ARV.

One of the ways that appraisers figure out the value of a property is by finding comps in the area. Look in a quarter mile radius from the property and find all the similar properties (in the same condition yours will be after rehab) that have been sold in the past 6 months (to a year if necessary.)

Listen to Bigger Pockets Podcast number 314. They talk about finding comps to estimate ARV and also about how to confidently look at an appraisal and argue for a higher one if you think it's too low. Obviously, you would have to have facts to back you up! The guest on that episode got an appraisal on a 3-unit and argued that it was too low. It ended up being adjusted $150k higher than the original appraisal!