Reasons LLC’s dont want to sell properties

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Does anyone know why Some owners hold on to properties, even when they’re abandoned and unkept?

I’m trying to reach out to an owner on a single family unit about purchasing one of his properties that’s clearly uncared for and have not heard back.

Does anyone know why Buyers would not want to sell properties in matters such as this?

@Angelica Rivera

Reaching out to one owner about one property probably won't get results. Cold letters and calls are a numbers game. You might get 10 responses for 1000 tries and maybe close a deal or two.

In my area, there is a builder who tied up a bunch of properties and then committed some sort of fraud and ended up in jail. Investors reaching out about his properties are probably not getting responses. The reason could literally be anything. It's hard to even be sure your communication attempt ever reached the intended target. Just keep at it and don't fall in love with a deal you don't have yet.