What’s the average rehab cost?

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The problem with older houses is that there can be a lot of surprises. The problem with "average rehab" is that no two houses that old are going to be the same. Similar maybe but not the same because over the years people fix and change issues differently. What you need is a great contractor to look it over.

You should look at foundation. Look for any major settling or bowing of the foundation. Minor settling is acceptable and can be corrected in some spots.

Termite damage, fire damage, absetos all things that can be hidden behind a wall where they aren't seen until it's open.

As far as plumbing goes there's can be tons of surprises. Old lead bends, rotted galvanized steel, cast iron jam packed with scale build up, valves that don't seat anymore, lead water mains.

A good home inspector will pick up alot of things the average person would miss. But there will always be things in rehabs that remain hidden until you open walls