Can I close a deal with no third party?

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Because of my market in South Florida that is been so high in value and also difficult to find an house those days I decided to go out of state.

I founded a nice property in Georgia in a good price that's work with my numbers from an investor that I called on craigslist. I went to his office I signed the contract with him but he said that THE CLOSING WILL BE WITH HIS REAL ESTATE ANTHONY that lives in Georgia.

He said but the closing will be here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

When I asked if the ANTHONY will present at the closing .

He said : I'm not sure.


Can I close a Real Estate transaction without the presence of a title company agent or a real estate ANTHONY.???

Please help.

If he signed a sales contract with his agent then his agent it part of it. He cannot do the transaction without the agent since. 

And how are you going to transfer the title without a title company?

I assume you meant say his real estate Attorney (not Anthony).

With out of state closings, the attorney/title company prepares the docs and a local notary brings them to you for signing.....happens every day. 

But being you found this off Craig’slist, make sure you are getting...

A General Warranty Deed, not a Quit Claim Deed 

Title insurance, which you pay extra for....this is the only way you know you are getting clear title. 

If you are not Very familiar with real estate transactions, please pay Your attorney to review all the documents and title insurance commitment. 

Many, if not most, properties on Craigslist have title sale properties without clear title, and many other problems.