How To Structure a JV Wholesale Deal

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I'm interested in working with someone who I met recently who has 2 or 3 deals that are under contract. He's extremely busy and doesn't seem to be able to find buyers. He came to me for lead generation and we have a tentative agreement to work that way. However, I think it's better if I just skip that part and work with him to get the deals done as a joint venture partner.

He's in Pittsburgh, PA and I'm in Atlanta, GA. I would like to work with him because I know for a fact that I can find people to buy the deal if indeed it's actually a deal.

I can also learn to analyze the property appropriately so I can do it for myself when the time comes.

I'm interested in learning how to structure the deal so I get paid. I know that he'll get paid and I know the end-buyer will get paid. I'm just not sure how I fit into all of that.

Can anyone lend some insight?

Where are these deals? Maybe form an LLC and be equal partner and splitting wholesale profit equally or according to certain agreement? I'd like to follow and learn more as well