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Hey guys this is my first post on the BiggerPockets forum!  My name is Tyler and I live in North Augusta, SC.  I have done a few flips and right now my limiting factor for growth is finding deals.  I go to the monthly foreclosure auction in my city and so far I have found some good deals but the deal flow is inconsistent.  I have a few wholesalers who send me deals but most of them are absolute trash.  In the podcasts, Brandon says that if there isn't a real estate meetup group in your area, then it is your responsibility to start one.  I can see the many benefits of a real estate group and one of them would be to connect with more wholesalers in my area.  I am willing to put in the time, effort, and money to start a Real Estate Investing Group in my area.  

My question is for those who attend or have started their own local Real Estate Investing Group.  What are some things that you would recommend for getting a meetup group started in my area?  I understand I will have to promote this group in order to get members.  I plan to use social media, flyers, and have even considered purchasing a radio commercial slot.  I can imagine the meeting needs to include a time period dedicated for mingling, maybe a subject for a speaker to talk about such as finding deals, funding deals, connecting with other investors, etc., and also food and drinks would be a plus.  How long should one of these meetings last?  How often should these meetings be held?  My guess is monthly or twice a month would be sufficient.  Are there any legal precautions I need to take before starting a meetup group? 

Thanks in advance for those who have taken the time to read my post and for those who provide me with a path forward for my meetup group.  I have enjoyed reading many of the forum discussions and listening to the weekly podcasts.  I know I am in the right place to find the information I am seeking and I am looking forward to your responses!

@Tyler Stuart glad to see your enthusiasm and I would love it if there were more things like this in the Augusta area but I just wanted to alert you that there are two (to my knowledge) things like this already. One is REIA and it meets once a month at the library out in Evans at 7pm the second Thursday of every month. The meeting is $20 for non members or you can join and the meeting is very similar to what you described: time in the beginning for networking, a speaker / expert to talk about something real estate investor related, a time for anyone to bring any deals they may have to the table, then more networking. I have been 3 or 4 of these and rather enjoy them when I can make it. There are usually between 50-70 folks at these meetings. They meet for breakfast the following Thursday as well.

The other is AORE and they meet the second Saturday of every month I believe. I have not been able to attend one of these yet so I can't speak to exactly how it is structured but I know a lot of the same people go to both. 

There are all sorts of real estate folks at these things: wholesalers, agents, buy and hold investors, hard money lenders, etc.

I know these are specifically in North Augusta but its just a quick trip across the river and I am sure there are folks who invest in North Augusta as well.

@Matt Gooding thanks a lot for your reply! I’ve looked into these and know quite a few people who are members but I don’t want to invest in the Augusta area just yet. Every wholesaler I know mostly sends me deals in Augusta. That’s the reason I’d like to start my own group in the Aiken/ NA area.

Hi Tyler, awesome post! I'm a local investor and Real Estate agent with Keller Williams. I live in North Augusta and my office is in Aiken SC. I would love to be apart of these meet ups. I have looked into the Augusta ones before and I'm more interested in the SC side. Let me know if you would like to meet sometime to discuss a game plan. 

I also have a few wholesalers and investors I work with that might be interested in attending or help start. 

803. 270. 3301

Jayson Hinkson