San Antonio, Texas wholesaler's...

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Hello everyone...

Navy Veteran here; moving to San Antonio in less than a month and interested in REI right out the gate!! Anyone know any wholesaler's with a continuous flow and/or any insight from experience working with them?

Any and all info is greatly appreciated! Thank you.


@Frank D'Andrea III I recommend attending all the networking events that you can to meet the independent wholesalers in town. Check out Alamo REIA and all the groups on Best of luck!

Hello @Frank D'Andrea III how was the move? Did you find a wholesaler to work with or for? 

I'm interested in working with a wholesaler to find single family investment homes in San Antonio. 

Also have you used your V.A. loan, I'm currently working on my third one. 

Thanks for responding @Stone Saathoff

I haven't had contact with a wholesaler yet in San Antonio. I'm joining two Facebook investor groups out there. 

I'm interested in residential properties under $185K