Is anyone Arizona investing?

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@Mike M. What kind of properties are you buying? And in what areas? I wanted to acquire at least 1 more property this year.

 I buy 'off market' so I get some pretty good deals right now. I'm working Phoenix, Glendale and Mesa. I do things a little bit differently, (I buy off market, make them safe and habitable and sell as Turnkeys to investors from California and Arizona) but you could do the same and just keep them in inventory which is what I do with some of these. This is a link to a spreadsheet that provides a lot of the details of how I do it. You might want to create a spreadsheet of your own that guides you in what properties to invest in.

Average Turnkey Cash Flow Per Door In Phoenix Metro Area No Bank Needed

@Brett Tvenge , check out the city of Maricopa. Prices aren't too bad. You can cashflow without breaking the bank and most of the places are sub-20 years old. Not much future Capex.

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@Mike M. Thanks Mike, I will look over it in the morning. Are you using wholesalers to find you these off market deals? Or are you getting after them yourself?

 In  my situation I don't use wholesalers since I simply take over the existing mortgage.It gives me a lot more flexibility and cash flow. As you look at the spreadsheet you will see that is a quite different model than most buy & hold or rentals.

@Brett Tvenge I am buying right now. Mostly in Mesa, Apache Junction, San Tan Valley, Florence, Coolidge, and Casa Grande. This year we’ve probably purchased around 10 for ourselves and 3 for other investors.