So I've done a number of flips (just the Contracting side) for other investors in the last 3 years. My partner and I are currently working on our first flip from acquisition to listing. I've been actively looking for our next flip and have already let one slide through my fingers that would've been quite profitable. My team and I can cover rehab from beginning to end including most of if not all the rehab cost ... but unfortunately when it comes to finding somebody who has the capital to either partner with us on the next Flip or lend us the money for the next flip, I always come up short in time and somebody else seems to get there before me because they've got cash on hand or somebody already lined up who can cover that cost upfront and quickly. My question is does anybody have advice when it comes to finding the capital either through lenders private money or hard money or partnering so that that delay in time when I'm trying to find the money after I've found the deal doesn't screw me on the next one?