Looking to build a team in Memphis tn area

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I am looking to buy, rehab, and hold properties and looking to build my team. I am from Utah so I am looking for dependable and trustworthy people that I can count on even when I’m not physically there. I would love to fly out there and meet people and get to know the area a little better. Please send me a message if you are interested in working with me or if you know anyone that would be.

Hi @Tyler Black . I just started investing in Memphis as well and taking a trip out there was hugely beneficial. I definitely recommend connecting with @Stephen Akindona , he's a great guy and incredibly helpful! I know you're looking to BRRRR, but if you're interested at all in turnkey, @Curt Davis is also a great guy and worth meeting if you go out there. I've also been working with Dean Harris from Crestcore who set me up to get properties on the MLS. I haven't done a deal with him yet, but he's done a great job at sending me properties that meet my criteria.

Can I ask what made you choose Memphis? 

@Danielle Wolter thank you so much for your feedback! I am interested in Memphis because I live out west and as you probably know it impossible to find cash flowing properties so I started looking else where. From my research Memphis has several very large stable employers and several major universities. It also seems from everyone’s feed back they have had a lot of success in the area. However I am always open for more feedback and opinions so if you recommend any other areas I would love to check them out! Again, thank you for the information.

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@Tyler Black I love Memphis and think it has a lot of potential for future growth, and with the new investment FedEx is making in their facilities, it's unlikely they'll leave any time soon. I just got back from a trip out there a few weeks back and learned a lot. PM me if you want to talk about different areas, strategies, etc. 

Hi Tyler,

I've  invested  in Memphis from out of state  for last 8 years & have been lucky enough to have a great team at Enterprise Realty in Lakeland, Tn.   which has a property management arm.   I highly recommend them,   Ask for Ryan Tucker or Chris Peak.   

Good Luck


@Tyler Black From one Utah Investor to another, stay clear of Crestcore in Memphis. You will end up paying for things that don’t get authorized, finding out they collect rent and don’t always report it, and much much more. They’re extremely unprofessional and they seem to always come up with expenses every month. Message me and I’d be more then happy to take you out to dinner and show you all of our issues with Crestcore 😬