Rehabbing & Investing During Winter in Cold Weather Markets

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Hi all,

For those that live and/or invest in cold weather markets -- How (if at all) is rehabbing/construction activity, and investing more generally, possible during the snowy winter months in cold weather markets? Do things just come to a halt, or are there ways to work around the weather? 

- Harman

@Harman N.

Yes things still keep going.  In some senses there's usually less supply, but at the same time, there's less demand because the 'recreational' investors who get through one project / year don't mess with stuff during that time.

Some projects are nearly impossible to do around here during winter, like most exterior, concrete, roofs, etc.  But certainly interior remodels are usually possible.  

@Harman N. I agree with @Jim Goebel that you most likely wont be able to do exterior projects. For interior jobs, just buy a nice propaine heater and everything should be fine.

Plus in the winter there is less bugs to deal with(crawl spaces and basements). Man do I hate spiders 😖

I agree with the others that interior work is absolutely possible during the winter months.  All you need is a space heater and some electricity, and you're good to go!

On the acquisition side.  I love buying properties in the winter.  In the winter, it's usually people that need to sell for one reason or another.  There is generally less competition (with people buying), coupled with the "distress" making it prime buying time.  The only thing is, if you buy during the winter, it's a bit harder to find tenants - most tenants don't want to move in the dead of winter.  If you purchase in the winter, might want to pencil in some upfront vacancy.  This vacancy would help get the property rent-ready, if it's a hold.