1. I'm a new investor trying to decide on an out-of-state market to buy my FIRST property. I'm reading David Greene's Long-Distance REI book right now, and I have a general idea of the important market factors to consider. I have heard of the markets that have been traditional good for cashflow investors, but I'd like to be able to do my own analysis!

What are the top market indicators you consider before investing somewhere? Thoughts on my list below? Any advice on markets to look into? Appreciate any feedback! 

  1.  Population
  2.  Net Migration In/Out
  3.  Average Home Price
  4.  Rent-to-Value Ratio
  5.  Local Economies/Types of Jobs
  6.  Income/Property Taxes
  7.  Landlord or Tenant Friendly Laws
  8.  Crime Rates
  9.  Schools