Whats the best way to find buyers in Maryland!?

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Hi Teonya,

I have received your emails and texts, though I personally don't love these types of texts.   I have been investing for almost 20 years and never use cash. I have a bank line of credit.  I am not sure why you need cash buyers, you simply need buyers that can settle in a reasonable time frame correct? If you have good wholesale properties at fair prices in decent areas, then there is an unlimited buyer supply in the Baltimore area.  

Second what Michael says!  Between myself and my clients we are always ready to buy deals and close quickly.  There is no shortage of buyers who can close quickly in the Baltimore market - if the deal is right.  

You can also find list of buyers that purchased properties in the last 3,6,9 month increments by purchasing list from data analysis who have such info from such companies like Dunhill. Another way can be to look up such info is on  State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) website and then look up the buyers info. 

There could be a couple of reasons that you can't find cash buyers:

1. Your list isn't big enough. There are lots of ways to expand your list, not the least of which is to attend all the REIAs and Meetups in the areas where you do business.

2. The numbers for your deals don't add up. In that case, you need to make sure your repair estimates are accurate and/or need to negotiate better prices from your motivated sellers.

Also, I don't know if by cash buyers, you mean "write-a-check-today" cash which will severely limit your business or if you are including investors who have access to cash via private money/hard money, etc.