forming a wholesaling power team in Reno NV

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Hey there everyone! 

Im a newbie to both the Reno NV area and to wholesaling. I have recently invested in a mentor and am excited to hit the ground running. I have applied for an LLC and have purchased my domain names and have three websites up and running although they need some work. My next steps seem simple; get my power team together such as an Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent, Investor Friendly Title companies, A Closing Agent, A Real Estate Attorney to start off with! Eventually I'll need to locate contractors/handyman, Property managers and Real Estate Attorneys but I don't think they're really needed this soon in the game.

Secondly Im looking for other wholesalers who might want to join forces on a few deals while Im still fine-tuning my skills until I can really start to contribute and bring sells to the table for my team! 

Lastly Im curious if this is the place to go to start building a buyers list?! I have already found two buyers, they're brothers actually and they are looking for duplexes which is nice to know exactly what they're looking for. Anyone out there able to direct me to potential buys who have certain criteria for what it is they look to buy? like flippers or renters who like single fam homes?! buyers who specialize in buying multi-fam units or that one buyer who is only interested in mobile homes?! everything helps! look I really appreciate any and all responses! I am trying to hit the ground running and although I have no problem getting on the phone and calling strangers I am still new to this and want to be able to have a buyer once I do get someone who is motivated to sale! 

@Jerame Bailey try to connect with @Wesley Pittman . He is someone I connected with on BP a few months back. He knows what he’s doing and will give you some very specific guidelines for the deals he and his team are looking for.

Also, there are real estate meet-ups. In fact I think there is one next Wednesday. You should check it out. Good way to find some of those key players you mentioned above.