Bathroom Remodel in Tallahassee

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O'boy & I though our 1970's (vertigo inducing) black & red tile bathroom was bad. We tore down the tiled walls & had bath fitter just got over the tub & shower walls. We put vinyl flooring with a padded backing over the existing tiled floor, threw in a new toilet & double vanity. But it was way more than $5,000. It had already rented immediately ($1500/month) & the guy moving in told us he actually liked the red/black tile.

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@Siye Baker

 Sent you a text. I would look to enlarging room if at all possible. This is a demo.tile has to go imo.

add base and wall cabs, random stack backsplash

only run tile just beyond tub

paint walls satin or above

paint semi ceilings

I would have the tile professional sprayed and would change sink, medicine cabinet, window covering, and light fixture. Paint wall above tile - I would go gray. Change vent cover and outlet cover.  

@Alexander Johnosn

I would leave the floor tile because it’s durable and won’t look dated with new finishes.

Things I would do myself to save money:

scrape off the wall tile.

Buy a new vanity and faucet (300-800)

Buy new light (150-250)

Paint the walls and ceiling (100)

I would hire someone to:

skim the walls/patch and repair. (Depends but I would figure a guy for two days so maybe 400-800)

Re-tile tub area and install recessed shelf (750-1500)

I redid my bathroom for $3000

-I did demo

-hired a painter

-new floor and wall tile

-new vanity and mirror

-new lights

-re finished tub professionally

I’ll try and show before and after pictures if I can figure out how to insert them.

@Robert Arquilla

Can’t post pictures for some reason. If you’re interested let me know I can email it text you.

Good luck