Brian's BnB Formula - Alaska

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I am intrigued by Brian's BnB formula. Though, it's incredibly expensive ($1,000)! Has anyone here purchased the BnB formula course? What did you think? I'm curious what it had to say about Anchorage Alaska, the "Landlord Letter", and 13 most profitable Airbnb locations. 

I tried doing Airbnb with 1 tiny room this summer and it was pretty successful. Next year I plan to rent out 2 rooms with Airbnb and raise my price a little. Has anyone in Alaska tried out Brian's BnB method? 

@Madalyn McCurdy . Congrats on the success this last summer. There are some interesting markets here but I have recommend what others have said here for the same question you asked. Some other resources I think are worth the money are any of the data provided by AirDNA. They help you analyze pricing, vacancy, and profitability. Looking at this data, I was able to decide that for my effort, I was better off just doing monthly rentals for the size of units that are in my current portfolio.