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We have 15-20 properties at any given time and looking for something different than NREIG. Please drop any names of real estate insurance companies’ you guys use. I am having zero luck on google. We are based out of Austin, TX if that makes any difference. Thanks !

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Curious on any feedback for NREIG. We just connected on a quote from them.

Sketchy and bad reviews.  There are other threads here about them but I caught them basically trying to swindle me into paying for more coverage than they would actually honor.  They were also disorganized and slow during the quote process. Felt mickey mouse, not who i want in my corner if I actually need to file a claim.


@Amanda Galindo

Using Lighthouse. Quotes are ok. This year they started to push coverage mentioning replacement costs are higher, forcing me to insure higher than the cost of the house. Also i noticed they been increasing prices too much. So started to look for options ...

Would love to get more names as well

@Jonathan Swartz

I use them on all my rentals. I have yet to use them for a claim. I’ve had a couple of claims over the years but never with them. Would be interested to hear others thoughts on NREIG.