Portland Investing Help

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Hello BP,

I am looking for investors as well as agents in the Portland, Vancouver area to help me. I grew up in Longview WA and have been moving around the US with work and saving and learning about real estate. It appears that i may be transferred back to home in Portland. I would like to see investors and how they are doing in this market. We are looking for a multi family to house hack. Also would like to see if a real estate agent would be willing to help me set up a portal on the mls to start getting an idea of prices and how the market is for multi family. Any advice/opinions would be welcomed.


Hi @Daniel Jodrey , I think house hacking a multi-plex is a great idea! I would be happy to set you up on an MLS search. The biggest thing you need to look at is how much money you have for a downpayment (that will guide you to the type of property) and what area you want to live in. Message me if you want to chat more.

Oh, and welcome to PDX!!