Buying from a wholesaler

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Menachem, I am hoping for an experienced response as well. I am going to contact two wholesalers in my farm area as we are finding it difficult to establish ourselves against some bigger players in the area and I was about to post asking for advice on a first conversation or what to be careful about when buying from a wholesaler. Have you had some good experiences since you posted? 



@Jason Sinclair Unfortunately based on my experience I've found that most wholesalers are not honest, have a complete lack of understanding when it comes to analyzing the numbers (or sometimes both).I would suggest you hookup with a good Realtor (someone who understands investing). Don't get me wrong finding a good realtor that understands investing is a lot harder to come around than wholesalers, that's where effort & due diligence comes into play. I'm not saying there are no good wholesales out there I just think they are the rare exceptions, at least in the SFR fix & flip Business.