Hello BP members.  I was recently referred a lead from a colleague.  He explained to me that he received information that a house next door to one that he owns has an older gentleman that just suffered a heart attack and will likely have to go to a nursing home, and that there are other health problems in the family and that it is likely that they will need to sell their house in the near future. 

I agree that this likely will make them motivated sellers, but I'm also very sympathetic to the stress and strain that a major health incident like this can put on a family emotionally.  I'm looking for suggestions on how to approach this situation.  How to try to contact, when to contact, and what to say, so that I could get information, but not upset them any further in this very sensitive situation.  

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, especially if you have experience handling a similar situation in a respectful and effective manner.  Thank you.