How would you make the Pro membership more valuable?

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Who has 30 seconds for BP? We're working on some new features for Pro, so let us know what you'd value the most! Whether you're a Pro member or not, we'd love your input. Seriously, it's two questions, it will take 30 seconds.

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We would also appreciate any feedback here in the forums about what both Pro and non-pro members would find most valuable as an addition to the Pro membership!

@Dave Meyer

Just took the survey. Here was my comment on the survey, in case people want to discuss on the forum as well. Thanks for looking for more ways to keep adding value to an already valuable product!

"Any data analysis tools/accurate comps etc. for neighborhoods we invest in would be super valuable, specifically for those of us without a real estate agent license that can't access the MLS/RPR etc."

I second what @Jed Burkey said. A tool for (fairly) accurate comps. Also a tool for estimating rehab costs on an item by item basis based on the local area averages built within the existing BiggerPockets analysis tools. Similar to what home advisor has. For example:

Maybe you can convince them to let you use their API?

I would say that in order for new tools to be useful, they need to be useable at the local level.  Maybe add additional forms such as a standard purchase agreement, wholesale agreements, sub2 or owner financing etc.  

Additionally I know that many Agents/Brokers allow access to their MLS account for a small fee. If Pro membership also came with local MLS access I'm sure that many more people would jump at the opportunity since it would allow them to pull their own comps and also easily scout for potential hidden gems to purchase.

I also would agree with @bob Daniels, that the PDF forms for a state specific purchase and sale agreement with added contingencies like walk through or due diligence period clauses. 

Done! Love what BP has done so far but in my comment I suggested the following:

I think it could be interesting if there were tiered events for certain membership levels like Pro and Premium that were more exclusive and intimate.

Pro membership group rates could be another advantage. Things like national Title, national Homeowner's Insurance, and/or National Mortgage vendors. In the same vein, a contractor network for Pro's would be invaluable as well.

Not sure if this is a thing so please excuse my ignorance if it is, but what about Pro Member webinars and strategy calls?

I like the idea of a data-backed tool to determine what markets are best to invest in. It would be doubly cool if said tool could filter by the desired real estate strategy. Find good markets for fix n flip and good markets for buy and hold etc.

I am a moderately heavy user of BP and do not know what is included at each level.  It there a summary page that specifies what you get for each level?

I also think regular discounts for listening to webinar is bogus and price should just be lowered.  How would you feel if you purchased pro at full price and then started listening to the webinars and each offered a discount?  

@Dave Meyer buy rentometer and make it free for pro members. Integrate into BP calculator. Save people from having to switch back and forth. Would be HUGE!!!

I think the answer is pretty simple, whatever the membership costs it needs to provide at least that much value.  Like the pro membership is $40 a month, if it was saving me $40 through:

cheaper insurance

lower closing costs

discounted materials 

getting my rental rented faster

cheaper screenings

discounted software like buildium, quickbooks


Then you have a value proposition where it's a no brainer to be a pro. Right now that 'value' that makes it a no brainer isn't there it doesn't seem like. The calculators are nice but eventually everyone just goes to excel as it's faster since it's not spread over several pages. Make it so it's in my best interest to sign up. Like Amazon Prime, all the movies/shows + free two day shipping? That's what you're competing against.

@Aaron Taylor those are all really good additions. With any of them, I would just say it depends how well it is executed.

For example, mailing is great, if getting the data in the system is easy, and merging the info to the mailers is easy, and running the campaigns is easy. But the interface and details might be tough.

Providing tools that help us eliminate other tools that we pay for would provide the most value. Neighborhood data is great. Running lists is great. Stacking our lists would be amazing.

Just as ideas.

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@dave meyer...reply was meant for the suggestions I saw when I clicked your link

@Dave Meyer  a great addition for the pro level and above would be a mobile optimized rental property calculator and perhaps a tool to help people research owners/tax records as they drive for dollars. 

This is a great conversation, thank you everyone! Some really great ideas here that we will consider thoroughly. @Aaron Taylor have you checked out our Pro Perks? We have a lot of the discounts you're talking about! We have negotiated tons of Perks for Pro members --from discounts on closing costs, to rental screening, and everything else. Check it out!

Originally posted by @Dave Meyer :

This is a great conversation, thank you everyone! Some really great ideas here that we will consider thoroughly. @Aaron Taylor have you checked out our Pro Perks? We have a lot of the discounts you're talking about! We have negotiated tons of Perks for Pro members --from discounts on closing costs, to rental screening, and everything else. Check it out!

 There are some decent things in there but for most people not $40 a month.  The discounts would be more applicable if the companies involved were more national.  Like Home Depot, State Farm, Wells Fargo, Intuit, etc.  I realize those are hard things to crack though.  It's also really hard to judge the value on some of those things, like "save $1k on closing costs" can go through an awful lot of trouble just to find out that $1k is just being added back in somewhere else.  Like it's hard to determine at face value whether it's a deal or just marketing buzz to get you in the door.

And then like the Roofstock thing is just an affiliate link basically that you can get anywhere, there are several places offering that same thing ($500 free, with $50 getting kicked back to the referrer).  A lot of the discounts kind of seem that way, like they're affiliate based.

@Dave Meyer I completed the brief survey.  How about occasionally doing more of these types of short surveys to gauge members thoughts and ideas about BP's site, app, and/or services?  Thank you for starting this conversation. 

Survey done, I agree with the statement on adding a function similar to Rentometer.  Really would like to see something similar here.

A few things come to mind: 1) It'd be great to have access to recent webinars in the archive. 2) A place for investors who are seeking partners. 3) A more robust app. For instance, it'd be great to use the calculator tools via the app.