Areas to invest in Kentucky and Alabama

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For Birmingham, I put my money in East Lake and Ensley. Move in ready in low to mid  40s  that will generate $700 to $800 in monthly rent.  And this is just my personal opinion but I believe both areas could have significant capital appreciation going forward. 

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I looking to start investing in Kentucky and Alabama does any have knowledge of the Louisville and Birmingham areas and what part of town are solid areas to invest

 Give The Ultimate Guide to Grading Birmingham Alabama Neighborhoods a read. Should be everything you're looking for as far as B-Ham is concerned.

@Marcell Mccloud  were you able to find any good areas to invest? Is this a good time there in Alabama or have I already missed the time? and @James Wise Thanks for the link. Its helpful however do you know anything about 35205 (near the Public Library).

I am very new to this area and my lil research shows that this place has potential.