Indoor Self Storage Units

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BP Community, does anybody know of a company that creates indoor self-storage units for the owner to assemble? 

I purchased a commercial space and I'm planning to put in ~16 indoor self-storage units. I'm trying to find a company that makes self-storage units and then I can assemble them on-site. 

I'm curious to know the company, price and any other advice that others may have who have done this before.

Thanks in advance!


Yes, all three of the above can provide you with the kits.  I just did one from Janus and though they were a bit of a PIA to deal with, the price was right.  Roughly $7-8 per rentalble square foot.  That was the installed price.  But you should expect to pay a good bit more as there's an economy of scale that won't kick in for you at that price.  Your most cost effective option will be to just stick build the walls and then line the walls with 3' corrugated sheet metal.  I did that on a small 12 unit conversion and it worked quite well.  We had two units with traditional overhead doors and the rest were traditional walk through man doors.  Think my total cost was about $10 per square foot (including a furnace and duct work to heat the space).  I did all labor myself. 

Some great points already and can you clarify a couple things - what type of commercial space is it? Your ability (or lack thereof) to get materials into the space will dictate how easy or hard this can be. If you've got rollup doors - as in a warehouse, for example - you could simply lease the storage units (preassembled) and wheel them in with a forklift. This would allow you to literally be open for business the next day. On the other hand, if you are dealing with a true commercial space with conventional doors, you're really stuck building in place. This could push new business income a month or more into the future.

Hi Scott, pretty new here and have only done a little self storage myself but here's my 2 cents.  

For a smallish development like u mentioned you could always use a local rolled metal supplier for the shell (3' metal for walls and ceiling) like michael mentioned and then just source the doors from one of the above suppliers after you know all your rough opening sizes on your doors.  Most rolled metal suppliers, even the small ones, have a local rep that will come out for free and do all the takeoffs for your rolled 3' metal after u frame up your walls/door openings.  This usually saves me $ and time!!   

The skeleton could be either wood or metal studs, usually horizontal to the ground if non load bearing and just holding a partition between units.  If you go with wood and you don't want wood showing on either side of the walls they make a thin metal cap that can fit right over the stud to make it look like its all steel/professional construction, not that wood isn't professional, but you smell what I'm stepping in:-)  

BTW, on the rolled 3' wide metal, the big box stores can't compete with the local rolled metal suppliers on price.  But I haven't been looking in a few years, maybe its changed?