Request for Agents for Residential Multifamily purchases

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Hi all. My wife and I have 14 SFHs scattered through Charlotte, Denver, Jacksonville, Birmingham and Hammond, IN. I am interested in pulling cash out from some of these properties and scaling up my portfolio to include higher dollar multifamily properties. My most successful SFH investments have been in what I would say are B-/C+ neighborhoods, and I'm looking to continue this with multifamilies. Are there agents out there in those cities that folks can recommend that are multifamily investors themselves? At the present, I have only one triplex, so I'm not as experienced with multifamilies but I am looking to change that.

I would love to hear from agents or from investors that have had good experiences with agents in those cities.

Hi Steven, In a case like yours, I would recommend Leah Luker for Birmingham. She leases apartments with us and knows the inventory well. She also works in SFH with Semaan Realty. I'll send you a connection request and I'm happy to get you two in touch.

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