Oklahoma City Path of Progress

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Hi BP Members,

I'm going to pick up a SFH rental in Oklahoma City soon and am currently researching local sub markets. Does anyone have some local knowledge they can add as far as where some of the best up and coming areas might be in and around Oklahoma City?

Thank you!

@Liam Galbraith

Hey man! A lot of up and coming areas in OKC, some more speculative than others, but the “urban core” is pretty solid for the long game. You’ll see more competition in the plaza, paseo, western ave, to name a few, but adjacent areas tend to follow. If you want to chat more in depth send me a message, happy to help!

Forrest Faulconer

Hey @Liam Galbraith , if you're looking at 'up and coming,' I'd check out the northeast part of OKC near the Oklahoma capitol and south of NW 23rd St. This area, in my opinion, is the new spot for gentrification and the price points are still relatively low. If you're looking for cash flow, south OKC is always - south of the Canadian River and north of I-240 - a good bet.

@Liam Galbraith according to your criteria your best bet is Guthrie or a few other places we can chat about, but I'll give you the same guidance I've preached en mass to many:  Path of progress is NOT a thing in Oklahoma City.  It isn't.  It IS in metro NYC, in LA, San Fran, and many other dense urban center metros, but NOT in a city that sprawls larger than most other metros in the US (similar to Memphis).  Path of Progress approaches in OKC are speculative in nature and NOT investing.  

Speculation has its place, but at most 10% of a savvy investor's financial strategy.  

Buy in proven locations based on your overall investing vision and buy the best properties you can possibly hit.  Otherwise you'll be chasing some things that have proven to fail dozens of generations before us (and myself as well).