best real-estate brokerages to work for

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Looking into keller williams for their training, exp for their technology advancements, or redfin as they are a different type of brokerage. Curious if anyone has any good or bad stories of any of those brokerages, especially redfin as I don't know anyone in my area who has worked for or with a redfin agent

@Andy Rousch You can succeed ANYWHERE with the right training, mentorship, and hustle.  No doubt KW is one of the best training companies in the world. 

I know very little about Redfin, but my guess is that the opportunity to grow businesses within businesses there is limited as a salaried company.  I do know they had some trouble and furloughs during the COVID shutdowns.  

I started at eXp because it was the only model available to me that worked for a part timer.  Now that I'm here I'll never leave and it is certainly enabling me to start my transition to full time.  The founder was a top exec at KW before that, so it's safe to say a lot of the cool things about KW (including some incredible training) came to eXp. 

I could talk about the benefits and value of eXp for days (and spend about 12 hours a week doing so at this point...!), but what I want to ask YOU is this:

What is your goal - and which model will best help you achieve that?  

And then the follow on is: Have you checked out each option in depth?

The second question will help you answer the first!  One model isn't necessarily right for everyone.  But you're not married to your broker.  See which you think is the right fit and give it a shot!

Hope that helps.  Happy to help however I can.  

Happy hunting!