Getting frustrated in Greenville, SC

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I own two doors in Greenville, SC and want to expand that, but I'm having a hard time finding anything that cash flows. So I'm looking for help. I have a VA loan that I can use, so I'm looking for an investor that can help me capitalize on that. I'm single and willing to move into the place if need be, but I'd like to get into a multifamily in the area with more cash flow than we can get out of a single family right now.

So investors that know how we can capitalize on a VA loan, reach out! I'd love to talk!

We have a similar problem. I haven't been able to lock down any deals. We have two doors and are trying to expand, but deals are rare. The Greenville market has a lot of competition and the MLS is useless for and investor. We are using bandit signs and driving for dollars. What are you doing?

I am doing my second consecutive flip and found 2 rental properties last year for under 25k each. All via word-of-mouth. I wonder if I'll be able to find another flip when I finish this one. I also have cash in my IRA that I have been trying to buy another rental with.

You just have to be patient. I may start looking at foreclosures to see what might be available there.

if you're looking to network in multifamily for greenville, recommend "Multifamily Monday - Networking and Educational Event, Hosted by Ivan Jenkins and Ben Jones" its on the first monday night of the month, 6p eastern.  meetup dot com will have the details