Looking for a Real Estate Agent in Eastern Idaho

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I am looking for a local Real Estate Agent in Eastern Idaho. From the Idaho Falls area as far north as Asthon. I am looking to either buy land or buy a place that I can turn into a short-term rental that I can use occasionally when it's not booked. Thanks for your help. I am fairly new to the forum. 

Welcome Tyler! 
There are some great agents here who work with investors. Look up Char Hiaring (208-206-2772) or Colt Landon (208-520-5395). Both invest as well so they understand the ins and out. Colt actually has a few STRs and Char has been digging into land so good places to start.

@Tyler White Hello, feel free to contact me here on BP and we can definitely help you out. We have helped with land and other purchases even beyond Ashton. Since you are new I'll send you a PM to get in touch.