Building multi family?

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Curious if anyone has built multi family? My market has a huge need for housing and I think there are significant profits available if I can build a duplex, tri or quad. 

I’ll be honest. Not sure where to start as far as zoning, costs etx. 

Its a tough market to break into to.

New versus existing property is about twice as expensive.  Is it worth the cost to do that?

Studs, Namely 2x4 are almost triple cost the past 14 months.  So that will be several thousand more per door.

As your first couple deals I would buy existing properties . You may need to do a cosmetic upgrade

@ paint, new lights, door knobs, blinds, curb appeal etc.  

It would be like trying to have a baby eat steak and potatoes.

Just start off with what you can handle for now.

If you do new , do not compete with a property where you can here hammers.

Don't compete with the "Big Boys".   

Try and find a new General Contractor that just moved to your area that does new build only.

Then you need to tie down" dirt", zoning, city requirements. etc etc

It will really test your patience and wallet very quick.

Good luck Arthur