Investment property has vermiculite

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I'm looking to purchase a property in Ohio. The inspection reported R2 levels of Vermiculite, and R-12 of Cellulose. To my knowledge Vermiculite "can be bad". Is this a show stopper?

Not a show stopper IMO. Sample for asbestos in the vermiculite or hire someone too. Make sure to get a sample from the bottom of wherever the vermiculite is as the asbestos particles (if present) will usually settle to the bottom in vermiculite. 

Online it says that "it may contain asbestos". If I were to get the house, I would replace it just in case. You could also get it tested

@Collin Barker @Joshua Haynes Thank you both for your input. I'm reaching out to Vermiculite/Asbestos specialists to identify costs and options. Seems to be split among people saying it's not a big deal if it won't be disturbed, and others saying it should be removed. I'll update this post once I get more information.

@Jeff Young Even if it does turn out to be ACM (asbestos containing material) I'm guessing that it is in wall cavities or an unfinished attic, both places that tenants don't need to be. Asbestos abatement can be very expensive so I would be surprised if it ended up making sense to go that route.