Navigating Through Wetland Issue

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Hi All.

I'm hoping to get some help with a problem pertaining to wetlands. I'm working with a property in New Jersey that is borderline as to whether to renovate it on build new. The property is 1.3 acres and approximately 0.31 acres is classified by NJDEP as Deciduous Wooded Wetlands. How does this affect how I approach my offer? I don't want to mislead the sellers by telling them the property is not buildable if it isn't true. I tried to read the NJDEP code but I can't make sense of it. The sellers are old people that are likely to take any offer I make and I feel a responsibility to treat them fairly. Likewise, though, I don't want to end up with a property I can't move.

Thank you


So 15% or so of the land is not buildable. There's still tons of land to build on. What's the issue?

I'm sorry for the delay. I appreciate your reply. I guess my concern is because it essentially splits the lot in two and the leach field for the septic system is in the middle of the wetland area. The way you responded really crystalized it for me though. What's the issue? I'm just going to adjust my offer down because a good portion of the lot is not buildable. I'm early on in REI career and hadn't seen this before. Kind of tripped me up. Your level headed reasonable approach helped me out and will in the future. Thanks, Allan