Memphis Tennessee Electric Standards

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Hey guys recently went into contract on a turn key property out in Memphis, TN. Just received my home inspection and a lot of the electrical outlets remain ungrounded. Is this standard for that area or am I assuming correctly that this house is long overdue for an electrical update? Located in NY and purchasing first turnkey property out of state. 


@Thomas Fey I would get an electrician involved and also bring this up with the turnkey provider because the property should be rent ready when you close

Older homes usually have two prong outlets. I think the contractor did not touch the electrical wiring. Instead, they only replaced the outlets. Instead of rewiring, you can opt for GFCI outlets. 

Check with an electrician in your area.  


No, this is not standard and you should expect that electrical system have been brought up to date and with required permits pulled - especially when buying out of state, far from home and turnkey.  Too often, the word turnkey is inserted into a sales process when in reality, maintenance is deferred and work is done without permits.  In my opinion, both of those completely negate the reasoning behind buying a true turnkey property.  Sometimes little details are missed so you can alway give the seller a little benefit of the doubt, but I would not recommend buying a home, turnkey or not, without updated electrical.  As I noted above, I would also not recommend moving forward if work has been done and permits have not been pulled.