Termite Inspection HOA refusal to treat

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I am selling my townhouse and termite inspection came out with Section 1 termite issue on the outside of the property which is covered by the association. HOA was forwarded termite inspection, but they only sent out a carpenter to replace the dry rot and no actual treatment for termites will be done. HOA stated that this situation at other units has been handled in the same manner. Lender will not close without clearance report, and I don't believe a clearance report will be done as termite treatment was not done. What can I do, escrow is supposed to close in two weeks?

@Patricia Guerrero in two weeks' time the quickest is to contact a Pest control company and pay for it out of pocket. The HOA will probably be slow and cause the closing not to happen on time. Otherwise, you will probably have the deal fall apart and have to go back on the market. No a fun situation, but good thing you won't have to deal with that HOA once you close.