How to tell if property's tenants arent paying due to moratorium?

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I'm getting close to closing on a duplex, and both units are currently occupied and the tenants are month-to-month.  One is a section 8 tenant and the other is not.  During my due diligence phase, one of the things I want to check on is whether I'll be inheriting non-paying tenants.  That would be a deal-breaker for me, obviously.

Does anyone know any resources for checking a property's tenant rent payment status, either specifically with regard to the current CDC eviction moratorium or (even better) in general, i.e. one which would simply show whether a tenant was in arrears for whatever reason (COVID-related or not)?

Definitely ask for a copy of the rent roll from the seller. Additionally ask for proof of rental deposits to verify that their pain. This is not unusual and should be easily obtained from the seller. Best of luck!

For an occupied property, you want to get estoppel letters prior to closing. This is where the tenants verify their situation such as whether they're on a lease or month to month, what rent they're paying, how much (if any) security deposit did they pay and so forth. If the estoppel varies from the information from the landlord/seller then that needs to get sorted out prior to close.

I am not aware of any resource out there that can check this for you since you don't own the property yet. You can request for a tenant ledger from the seller