Owner Doesn't Work With Wholesalers

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I come across this property on Zillow and it seems like a good deal. But when I got to the description, the owner said "no wholesalers". Should I try calling them or just move on and find a new deal?

Thank you!

Hello Thanh!

Whether its being sold by an owner or a broker, the conversation will always be open if you have a buyer. That being said, they may have already been wronged by a wholesaler and have lost trust for all wholesalers. Realtors experience the same thing from owners with bad past experiences.

If you're going to call the owner to solicit them, you'd better have a clear way of explaining your value proposition or they may just hang up. In fact... even if you explain your value prop efficiently, they may still hang up. The important thing here is finding out why they don't want to work with wholesalers, what their motivation is, what their timeframe is, etc..

Best of luck to you moving forward!


Offer a $5-$10,000 NON-REFUNDABLE earnest deposit. That will probably change their mind. Until then all you are saying is take your property off the market so I can sell it for more than your asking.