Indianapolis Creative Financing

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I am looking through the MLS to find my first du/tri plex up to $200k in Indianapolis soon.I have as of right now around 5 or 10% down payment that I can put towards a property.I wouldn't be considered for a conventional loan due to a bankruptcy I had a month ago. That won't stop me, Trump bankrupted four times lol.

Does anyone know any lenders/banks that offer seller financing deals or any owners that would consider it?

I have strong income as well.

It's normally the sellers that offer seller financing and not the banks. You'll have to reach out to sellers directly to see if they'll offer seller financing. 

@Justin Polston Hi Justin I would love to hear more how you create these deals im currently looking for another property ,I hear more great things of Indianapolis then bad for one I’m from New Jersey I don’t feel safe it’s a tenant state ,would appreciate your knowledge 🙏🙏