Wholesaling real estate

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Hello everybody I am from the Netherlands and I was wondering if there is an app like propstream that I can use in The Netherlands. 

And also is it possible to wholesale virtually from The Netherlands in America?

@Bertina Mensah I was afraid @Erwin Groenendijk would throw me under the bus 😅 the only site that I know that kind of does this is walter living.com. It's focused on home buyers, but you might be able to use it as an investor too. It will most likely be valuable for flippers. Apart from that, I don't know of any system in the Netherlands that does the same. I suspect that this is because the market is so much smaller than the US. If it doesn't exist, you could consider starting it, but you probably would have to focus on the EU market as a whole.

Hope it helps!

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@Ivor Grisel thank u very much for always giving the best advice and recommendations. For the last couple of months i have been doing alot of research about wholesaling. I have a big picture in my head i want to build up a million dollar company. I dont really get detailed information online.

@Bertina Mensah that's the thing about building a million dollar company: there is no detail information that will help you 😁 you just need to go.

And BiggerPockets is an awesome platform, but it mostly works because of the bigness of the USA. Because the countries, cultures and languages in the EU are so vastly different, a platform like this would be harder to achieve in the EU (not impossible, but a lot harder). To zoom in to NL: we don't share money stuff so easily as is done in the US. So the information is shared scarcely. That's why a platform isn't there: it goes against the Dutch culture + the Netherlands is just a lot smaller.

So what are your plans for the million dollar company? But more important: which steps have you already taken?