Inspection Shows Roof Issues: Now What?

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Greetings all,

Looking at buying my second rental property and hoping for some feedback on my current issue. With earnest money paid and inspection completed the inspection revealed some roof issues. This roof is new; 1 yr old. The ridge shingles are starting to lift; seems premature for a 1 yr old roof. Inspector agrees with me on this.  Inspector could also not access attic space to verify quality of sheathing and venting. Inspector states it appears from the outside that the dryer and/or bathrooms may vent into the attic space and not to outside; Vents for this are currently too few and the wrong type. I just paid ALOT on my other property to replace all sheathing because bathrooms had been venting into the attic space since property was built in 1976. Don't want to risk that again. The above issues may indicate an overall cheap roofing job.

The property is sold as-is.

How would you approach this? I want verification of sheathing quality, venting, along with repair estimates if needed with venting if I'm going to move forward with the deal.

Much thanks.

Fans venting into the attic is a fairly common problem, however if the inspector couldnt get into the attic you cant assume that is the case. They could very easily be venting to the soffet vent or ridge vent which Ive seen numerous times. 

If the roof is 1 year old, it likely is under warranty. Just get a copy of the warranty information.

You need to get into the attic space somehow. While fans venting in there is a fairly common problem, it still needs to be resolved. The condensation build-up can dramatically affect things in the attic/roof area. You will need to redirect the fans through the roof or outside (which is ugly), install properly sized vents and maybe a fan.

If only the ridge shingle are lifting, that shouldn't be a very costly fix, and it should be covered under warranty. Problem is, most roofing Mfrs only cover materials in their warranty....

In my mind these are minor issues and I wouldn't let them prevent me from purchasing the long as you fix them that is...

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