feedback. Have you used them?

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All - Have you invested with these guys from an investor/LP perspective? They are syndicator. Just want to make sure it’s not any form of scam. Thanks for the feedback!

Disclosure: I have known Dan and Danny for years, since before they started they had their own separate real estate businesses. However, I have not done a deal with them. I haven't met their partner Brandon.

They are not a scam, they are a legitimate operation. Whether their opportunities are the right fit for you is your call. I would bet you can find a few folks who have invested with them in @Jim Pfeifer 's Left Field Investors group. 

In general, consider doing background checks on sponsors when you're doing this type of research. They're not expensive and it can tell you a lot.

Thanks @Taylor L.

Our Community does has some experience with them.  I have invested with them and can tell you they are a legitimate syndicator and not a scam.  So far, they have delivered on everything they have promised - it's still early, but I like their operation.

Taylor is correct that they key is to evaluate whether their opportunities are a good fit for you and your investing goals.  Evaluating the sponsor of a syndication is the most important part of the investment process in my view and using your network and Community for referrals and help with the vetting is critical.

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