Hard Money Terms for Commercial Properties

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I'm considering using hard money to cover some of the holding costs and renovation for an indoor storage conversion project in Davenport, IA. Wondering what kind of terms I can expect when using hard money? I understand terms vary from lender to lender, but what are some typical interest rates, points up front, number of months that you guys are seeing right now for commercial hard money deals?

Also, are you making monthly interest only payments or no payments at all until the end of the loan term?

@Justin Taylor There are many different terms you could see from a Hard Money lender, and they are ever-changing. I've seen interest rates from 8% up to 12%; Points can range from 2-5% of the loan amount; Interest Only options from 1-5years. 

It may be worth looking into Soft Money (alternative to Hard Money) financing. They have more desirable terms, such as fully amortizing 30-year fixed, as well as Hybrid ARMs and Rehab loans. Interest-only options are available as well. They may, however, take longer to obtain financing (compared to Hard Money loans).

What is the reason for looking at Hard Money... is it due to your credit score? Or perhaps is it an income verification hinderance? Discussing your options with an advisor can help steer you into the right direction.