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Does anyone have Dealmaker's Guide by Ray Alcorn?

Originally posted by @Christopher Hunter :
Does anyone have Dealmaker's Guide by Ray Alcorn?

I remember @Bryan Hancock speaking highly of it.

@Jon Klaus Thank you sir, I will look him up.

@Jon Klaus I am not a full member and can not look anyone up. Will you reach out to him and pass along my information please? Thank you in advance.

He should have keyword alerts set for his name, but if not, Austin 78702 should bring him along.

Ray actually sent me some sample contracts last week. His book is probably one of the best if not the best I have ever read on commercial real estate investing. It is well worth the investment!

I have it and it is excellent

@Bryan Hancock I will do my Due Diligence on this back before closing.

@Ned Carey Hello Ned are you a multifamily investor? Do you have some advice for a beginning multifamily buy & hold Investor?

I haven't bought the book yet, but I plan on it at some point. Ray used to be really active on the commercial board of another site about 7-8 years ago and I feel I learned a ton from his postings. He used to throw out structures for proposed deals that most of is would have never came up with. Very intelligent and creative investor.

Originally posted by @Christopher Hunter :
@Ned Carey Hello Ned are you a multifamily investor? Do you have some advice for a beginning multifamily buy & hold Investor?

No I tried to do a syndication to do some larger projects but It was too large a hurdle at the time. In my area SFHs are getting better cash on cash returns than multi-units so for now I am focused on SFHs. I still do plan on moving into multi-family units.

I do a lot of tax sale foreclosures and it is only a matter of time before I get a good multi unit that way. Because of my reputation I have a number of people who want to invest with me so I should have more capital available to make it happen.

So where should you start? The same place everyone should start. Start where you can!

It would be great if you could buy a 500 unit complex and live off that for the rest of your life. But for most of us have more modest resources and need to start at a more modest level. Wherever you start, do good deals, run your business well and grow it over time. Learn to run the numbers. Learn your market by going out and looking at deals. And when you are ready start making offers. Good lcuk - Ned

@Ned Carey That is great advice Ned. I will do just that. I was told to check Loopnet and start building relationship with the listing agents for the proeprties I want to start acquiring.

I have a copy. Excellent guide.

@Paul Khazansky Thank you for your input.

@Brandon Hicks Thank you. How far along are you in your investing career? What would be a piece of advice for a new Multifamily investor?

i have a copy. its good stuff. solid info.

What does the book focus on? I would be curious to pick it up but I'm not sure it's worth $600.00 vs. other commercial real estate text books. @Bryan Hancock can you give a basic run down on what the book focuses on within commercial real it a basic overview...does it go into deal examples....does it talk about Ray's experience etc. etc.

Maybe @Ray Alcorn can chip in? It looks like his 1 and only post on here was to comment to Bryan on another thread about the book.

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