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I have a mixed-use building with a large, highly visible wall that is well-suited for a billboard. 2002 traffic counts were greater than 16,000. I do not know how to start investigating this. Do you recommend Lamar? I could build it myself, but do not know how to market it.

Does anyone have experience with billboards?

Any suggestions?

I just had to change a sign ordinance in one of our cities we manage in to put up a monument sign with a digital display.  I would start there, your city/county will likely have exact rules on what can be put up, size, length of time etc.

Thank you, @Michael Tempel. The property is in a historic district, so it must comply with municipal codes and be approved by the historic architecture review board. Basically, it can be no larger than 25% of the entire wall area, cannot be self-or back-illuminated (i.e., no LED digital or glowing signs), but can be illuminated by approved lighting fixtures projecting down or up on the sign.

Since you cannot do LED you might want to get all of the money or a big chunk of the contract money upfront.

With LED you can log in to a computer if they do not pay and turn their add off from showing. You can also add lots of advertisers to increase revenue versus the one for a standard sign. Also if they do not pay taking off a standard sign to replace with another takes a lot of time and you lose income.

There are the older style flip over ones where you can get 2 to 3 on there versus a single. I still like the LED's better. 

Looking for some help with average rents on an already established billboard so I can renegotiate with billboard company.

First time dealing with this type of property. Any ideas?

Thanks, Niles

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