Anyone With Senior Housing Development Experience?

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Hey BP,

My group is currently looking at getting into the development of a senior housing facility (independent/assisted living, memory care, maybe skilled nursing), ideally in the San Diego or OC area. Anyone with any experience in the development and stabilization phases of such a project out there?

I know Donald Kung did a few senior care projects in San Mateo. I don't know him personally, but I have his contact and can help make the intro.

@Eric Z.  if you could make the intro that would be much appreciated. Thanks!

@William Yeh  what exactly are you looking for? Project manager, architect or underwriter for Senior housing? 

My current and previous companies have done a lot of senior housing properties in NV and CA. I may be able to connect you to some old co-workers if you need.

I have done some Senior housing acquisition(includes development phase) underwriting myself at work.


William -

Good morning.  I saw this post and wanted to give you some direction.

I am an Architect here in California and have worked on many Senior Housing projects.  There are so many factors to consider when thinking of developing this type of project.  The way they are planned and constructed can vary depending on what types of housing you are providing.

If you would like to know of some good Architecture firms to speak with I can provide three good ones that I know could do a good job for you.


Hey @Chad Conrad  . Thanks for the response. I would certainly welcome referrals to architects that specialize in this space. Appreciate your help.

William -

I will send you a note via e-mail.

Have a good day!



I work at a commercial appraisal firm, specializing in senior housing. We work on senior housing market studies as well as valuations at various stages in the game (as if completed and stabilized, upon completion, upon completion and stabilization). Please let me know if you have any quesitons, we have tons of connections with lenders and operators.

Many Thanks,

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