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Hi, I was looking into buying one or more Real Estate Home Study courses.  There must be a hundred of these courses available right now.  Can anyone recommend their top 1, 2, 3 Commercial Courses that helped them get started in Commercial Real Estate?  Ones that i know of are Scott Scheel, Ron Legrand, Jason Gilbert, Russ Whitney, Karen Hanover, Cherif Medawar, Monica Main, Lance Edwards, Terry Hale etc..., Sue Nelson etc...

Which of these courses have enough or and the best material that could help jump start a newbie into the commercial field of Investing, with little money?

Thanks, George

Best advice is to check out this website and review what people have done. This site has valuable information but in Commercial it might not be up to where you'd like the level of information simply because not as many people are involved with it as, say, single family homes. Specifically, check out the commercial forum to start researching which programs people like.

I am new to Bigger Pockets and Glad to be a New Member.  By reading the Blog postings, I can see that this community is both professional and willing to share with others..  Thanks All for the Kind Advice !  LVGeorge

Note: the OP mentioned Hanover, and JD posted an interesting article on her. Though they aren't ALL bad, I believe one should beware of gurus. I am not aware of anything they can teach you that cannot be found online or in books at a fraction of the cost. There are threads on BP from various people who spent thousands and tens of thousands of dollars for guru help and felt they simply got taken.

I would consider Michael Blank who has a great blog and was on an episode of the BP podcast. Another regular contributor is Ben Leybovich and he offers his Cash Flow Freedom university for a low price. 

Originally posted by @Tarik Larue :

I would consider Michael Blank who has a great blog and was on an episode of the BP podcast. Another regular contributor is Ben Leybovich and he offers his Cash Flow Freedom university for a low price. 

Well, Tarik - I'll leave myself a note to increase the price

Don't want to be viewed as cheap...and stuff...and stuff :)

Welcome to BP,

Try courses. They are the best in commercial real estate education. These courses are designed for investors as well as real estate brokers.

Hope it helps.


@Ben Leybovich Apologies Ben. I meant affordable not cheap. Especially when compared to those outrageous GURU seminars, boot camps, bus tours etc....

i say that a real real estate course is the one where you find amentor who is so busy he needs to train you from the ground up..

If these course guys are so great in real estate why are they selling seminars??

@George Keseg Best training I got was from Cherif Medawar and believe me I have attended more seminars than probably anyone here. I am a tax attorney who was lucky enough to retire early due to my real estate Investments Cherif Medawar is also a real estate hedge fund manager which sets him apart from others because he is filed with the SEC so it is a higher standard He offers joint venture partnerships and I did that with him last year and was successful at it. The advanced training had only 9 people and he was the one teaching us - not some other person pretending to be knowledgeable Two of the other people whom I stayed in touch with also made money applying the strategy for the Joint Venture deal with Cherif medawar’s fund called migsif. In only made $41k but my colleague whom I met in the training made $88k This is not for everyone but when I saw Cherif Medawar on YouTube I realized that his style of teaching was clear, detailed and witty. I needed no BS and a lot of step by step. That’s his style and he is very focused and extremely experienced even on asset protection and tax reduction etc just amazing you be the judge

@George Keseg

I attended most of these people’s trainings through the years. The best one in my opinion as well as a few thousands of other people’s opinion on YouTube is Cherif Medawar

He has a real estate fund for over a decade he is very experienced in residential and commercial properties so his trainings are fast paced yet full of valuable in depth details. No one comes close

Sadly however he does his events mostly in California and does not do them that often! You have to reach out of his office and get on their email list otherwise it is hard to know when or where he will teach next

He also has the best JV structure to work directly with his real estate fund

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