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I am new to REI and looking to invest in commercial real estate. I've done a whole lot of reading and have a solid business background. Ready and excited to start. That said, I know there is still a lot to learn and I am looking to have the right advisors/experts on my team. I currently have an LLC that I am the sole owner of which I use for my consulting business. Likely I will start additional LLC's as I look to slowly build a small portfolio over five or so years. Any suggestions on:

1) A good commercial broker in the Eldersburg/Sykesville, MD area that deals with smaller properties.
2) A real estate lawyer in the Eldersburg/Sykesville, MD area.
3) A CPA experienced with REI (does not have to be local).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have and any advice is greatly appreciated.  


@Eric Thornton  

Are you looking for true commercial like office buildings, shopping centers, etc. or more residential commercial like small apartment buildings? I ask because most of the latter is just listed on MLS.

I would start with the broker and let them introduce you to lenders, attorneys and others. 

To find the broker(s) I would look at who lists commercial property in your area and start talking to them. You can use both loopnet, crexi and other commercial search sites as well as residential mls sites like, trulia, and mls sites. The residential sites will mostly have an option to search for commercial properties.

I searched your town on loopnet and only see 2 properties so you may need to move to the nearest big city which looks like Baltimore. Call the commercial brokers there and chat them up and they will tell you who works out in your area.

Try to get clear on more exactly what you're looking for because they will ask.

@Eric Thornton i would start with sfh. Less capital out there and easier to break in where relationships and deal access mean everything.

Eric you need to define asset class within commercial and what smaller properties means.

To some of my clients that means a 2 million property and others it means a 10 million property.

Great advice, thank you everyone.

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