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Hello, I am from the Boston area and looking into investing out of state. Memphis has really caught my attention as an area that can provide solid returns. Are there any real estate agents out there that could help me in my search ? Also going to be looking for a local bank with favorable terms on a commercial loan... Thanks in advance!

Hey @Rich Thomas .  It's funny that you are from the Boston area, I've been researching Boston Qualifying races, and hope to be part of the great race in 2019!!

I will message you my agent recs.

I think @Douglas Skipworth has bank recommendations.

Let me know if you need anything else from here.

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Why does everyone who has a suggested realtor not list them for all to see?

Reach out to Jeff Moore of Crye Leike commercial, probably the best guy to connect with if your wanting multi family. He will also have bank recommendations. 

@Curt Davis - that is a great question!  The reason I don't is purely selfish: since my husband is an agent, we can use the referral system to officially refer a potential buyer/seller (if they want) directly to the agent who we use for our deals.  The investor gets a fabulous agent while the agent gets a new investor client and she shares part of her commission for the lead.  Everyone wins. :)

Rich depends on what you are buying and at what level.

Brokers and agents for commercial specialize.

Example for retail properties if someone wants a mixed use mom and pop type tenant stuff for 1 to 1.5 million I am not the person. I know from lots of experience how much time such a property takes and return of money with commission. That versus a 2 million Starbucks with 1 lease to look at.

So for me I put properties into buckets of work load versus return and decide if it is worth it to accept the business. Another component to look at for a broker is how seasoned the buyer is. A buyer could be professional for commercial and do almost everything themselves you just find the property and work on checklist items. Conversely if the buyer has money but is new to the space there will be a lot of heavy lifting and additional questions on a  transaction.   

What type of commercial property are you looking to purchase?

@Brant Garner Im looking for mutli family residential...somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.5mm. Im open to anything though...I see that you are in retail?

Curtis Braden specializes in C Class Apartments in Memphis 1-3mm. Closes a lot of deals. Knows the market and all the players.

PM me and I will give it to you.

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