Conventional loan on a 6-plex?

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Hi All, I am looking to get a six plex and I am qualified only up until a 4 plex loan. The loan officer says anything above a 4 plex would need to be a commercial loan but I do not want to go that route as they come with higher interest rates. Is there a way around it to get a conventional 30 year loan on a fixed rate for a 6plex?

@Imthiaz Ahmed

The 4-unit limit is I believe a Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac limitation:

Anything beyond that, and your investment is no longer backed by the government, which is why you can get the lowest rates on conventional loans (i.e. less risk).

The question to ask yourself is, is a commercial loan all that bad? How much does it affect your cash flow?

Putting a higher down payment, at least 25%, will also se you up for better rates.

Private money and maybe checking rates at your local banks! Bring the current offer and see if they can meet you halfway on your proposed 6plex?! Doesn’t hurt to ask and sometimes in the process big banks and little banks offer up insight to each other’s inner workings! Good luck!