Assisted Living Facility

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I am looking to connect with a professional consultant who can help me convert an old 22,000 sq ft hospital into assisted living facility.

@Greg Dickerson I am building 2 residential assisted living homes in Seattle with 8 beds. I am very interested in building a large apartment sized assisted living facility. I am curious do you know national and regional operators who are willing to partner or lease out the space once its complete?

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@Gary B.

Before you go down the path of turning the hospital into an Assisted Living facility, you need to determine if there is demand for those services.  For instance, if there are several existing facilities nearby running at 60% occupancy, why would you add more units to that area?  You would have a hard time leasing up your facility.  After you determine that the demand is there, move on to the next steps.  Your future bank will also require proof of demand.